Safety On Wheels

Running And Wheeling: How To Jog With Strollers

If you’re a parent, you’re an expert multitasker. You can calm a toddler from having a meltdown while you grocery shop, you can help with math homework while you cook spaghetti, and you can squeeze in a run while you stroll with the baby. But when it comes to jogging with a stroller, there are a few extra safety precautions to keep in mind. Learn how to be an expert stroller-jogger with these tips.


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  • Get the Gear

    • Does your jogging stroller have large tires and adjustable shocks? This will help absorb the bouncing.
    • Make sure you’re always visible by wearing brightly colored clothing and adding reflectors to your stroller's front, top, and sides.
    • Even though a canopy provides coverage, your baby may still be exposed to the rays. Check in every so often to make sure your baby is shaded.
    • Dress your child accordingly–they may need to wear more layers than you.
  • Stroller Safety

    • Most jogging strollers are not designed to recline. Make sure your baby has neck strength and is at least 6-8 months old before you take them jogging.
    • Always buckle up and use your stroller's five-point harness. This prevents your baby from wiggling out or standing up.

Did You Know?

67% of stroller-related injuries are caused by children falling from the stroller.

- Nationwide Children's Hospital