Safety On Wheels

What To Know About Wheelie Shoes & Skates

Is it just us, or does almost every kid nowadays have a pair of wheelie shoes? They’re fun. They’re fast. They’re a lot cooler than the skates we had growing up. Even traditional skates (like rollerblades and roller skates) these days are better than ever. But there are always risks involved when kids are on wheels. Be sure to read these safety tips before they roll.


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  • The Right Skates

    • Comfort is key. The boot or shoe should fit your kid's feet comfortably and should provide ankle support.
    • Skate wheels come in all sorts of sizes and hardness. If your kid is new to skating, go with the smaller, softer wheel. It’ll make beginner skaters feel more stable. The bigger the wheel the faster your little skater will go. Softer wheels take in bumps better than the harder wheels and also have better traction.
    • Keep wheels in good condition and remove any debris that may have gotten stuck.
    • Check skates and equipment at the beginning and end of every season.
  • The Right Gear

    • All skaters, including caregivers, should wear protective gear like helmets, padding and mouth guards to reduce the risk of injuries.
    • Read this article to learn why helmets are very important for injury prevention.
    • Learn how to pick out a properly-fitted helmet by reading this article.
    • Kids should avoid listening to music while skating so they can hear the world and traffic around them.
  • Be Safe While Riding

    • Whenever kids are on wheels, make sure they stay on designated paths or rinks and avoid the street if possible. Watch out for changes in street conditions, like water, potholes, cracks or rocks.
    • Teach your little skaters to always skate under control and obey the rules of the road and yield to pedestrians. Always skate on the right side and pass on the left.
    • Kids should be alert and watch for other skaters, walkers, runners, cyclists and scooter riders every time they skate. They should be aware of parked cars and for cars coming out of driveways. Check out these driveway safety tips here.
    • If your child uses skate parks, be extra cautious especially around the ramp and bar areas. Always follow skate park rules, skating only where it's allowed.

Did You Know?

Every day, almost 50 kids are taken to an ER because of an injury related to a wheeled activity.

- Safe Kids Worldwide