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Window Safety: Keeping Children Safely Inside

If there’s one thing you should know about window safety, it is that window screens are NOT enough to prevent a serious accident. You may think your windows are safe, yet falls from windows cause more severe injuries and deaths than any other kind of fall.


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    • Screens are meant to keep insects out, not to prevent falls–a child can easily push out a window screen. 
    • Make sure that windows are closed and locked when not in use. If your windows do not have locks, you can install them.
    • Put window stops on all windows. This keeps the window from opening more than 4 inches. 
    • For second-story windows or higher, install window guards to protect your child when the windows are open. Be sure yours has a quick-release mechanism in case of an emergency. 

    • Keep cribs, beds, and furniture away from windows, so children cannot use them to climb up to the window. 
    • Children can become entangled in the cords from window curtains or blinds. Be sure to keep them out of your child's reach. For more information on window coverings and other strangulation risks, go here

    • If a child falls from a window, dial 911 immediately. Do not attempt to move the child until trained medical personnel arrive.

Did You Know?

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Every year, more than 5,100 children are treated in the ER for injuries due to window falls.

- Nationwide Children's Hospital

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